Swords Of Iron

290th day of fighting

Orly Ben-Simon, is an MDA Paramedic from the Kiryat Shmona

Orly Ben-Simon, is an MDA Paramedic from the Kiryat Shmona station in the northern Yarden region.
“I was at home on October 7, we were woken by the non-stop sounds of my daughter’s phone, she’s in the Border police. My husband, a police officer, and I also received all the Red Alerts from the south, but didn’t understand anything initially. We turned on the TV and then witnessed the massacre that was taking place in the Western Negev and southern Israel.
“Within a short time, my three children left the house to go and protect the country: the youngest who’s in the Border Police went to her station, and my other two were recruited under emergency orders into the IDF. My husband was placed on standby with the police, and MDA’s Yarden Region was also on high alert. The pain, tears and feelings of helplessness were overwhelming.
“Not long after, the northern front also came alive. The whole family was recruited, and along with the worry and concern, we also felt that this was our mission, and even wished we could do more.
“I dedicate this life-saving shift in memory of MDA’s and the other security services fallen heroes. We are determined to continue in their path, shining their light wherever we go.”
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