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290th day of fighting

Tales of Heroism – Aharon Zilberman

"There was no time to think about what else was going on across the country; we knew we had to fight for the lives of those who were injured.

Aharon Zilberman is a man of many talents. Married with two children, a Magen David Adom EMT, the head of the volunteers in the southern Sharon region, head of Hatzalah Sharon, and above all a first responder who answers emergency calls. Aharon, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, didn’t hesitate for a moment on the morning of October 7, and despite the fact that it was Shabbat, immediately headed to save lives, in the knowledge that the casualties were on borrowed time.

“I was called along with many others from the region at 7am to head to the south. We went from door to door, visiting the homes of the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) first responders and asked them to immediately head to the MDA station, take ambulances and quickly head to the south.

“There was no time to think about what else was going on across the country; we knew we had to fight for the lives of those who were injured, and to help the country get out of the situation. We had to be where we were needed, and to do the best we could.

“I treated many casualties, but on the second day, I took on my other role, as a ZAKA volunteer, ensuring the respectful treatment of those murdered on Kibbutz Beeri. These included MDA volunteer Aviya Hetzroni, who was shot by Hamas terrorists and while making his way to the ambulance to save lives, and subsequently died at home of his wounds. I also treated MDA Paramedic Amit Man, who was murdered in the kibbutz clinic while treating others.

“The toughest moment I had was when I found Amit Man in the clinic. That’s a moment that will stay with me forever. It was difficult to treat the casualties, but even harder to collect the bodies. I saw the terrorists’ cruelty, the story each victim’s body told, and the destruction in the houses. It was very difficult.”

Aharon didn’t tell his family how much danger he faced. His treatment of casualties and then the bodies was done under fire, both rocket fire and under threat of terrorists who were still on Kibbutz Beeri. He shared that his family greatly admired the efforts he made to help and respect both the living and the dead.

“My MDA friends are my source of comfort,” he said. “They provide me with a feeling of safety.” When asked about the war in the north, he answered very simply: “If needed, I’ll head to the north, I’ll fight to save lives, and do whatever is needed of me.”


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