Swords Of Iron

140th day of fighting

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

Elkana Newlander HY”D R.I.P.

IDF soldier and MDA volunteer Sergeant Major Elkana Newlander HY"D, who fell in battle in the Gaza Strip.

Nitai Meisels R.I.P.

Armored Corps soldier and MDA Volunteer, Master Sergeant Nitai Meisels Z”L, fell in battle in Gaza

Itamar Shemen R.I.P.

Staff Sergeant Itamar Shemen, from Lapid, a Paramedic with the 36th Gaash Division. ell in battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

Tuval Yaakov Tsanani R.I.P.

MDA volunteer Staff Sergeant Tuval Yaakov Tsanani, fell in Gaza while performing his duties in the armored corps, in Battalion 53

Osher Barzilay R.I.P.

Magen David Adom volunteer Sergeant Osher Simha Barzilay z”l fell in the Nachal Oz base on October 7.

Ronen Angel R.I.P.

MDA volunteer, EMT Ronen Angel z"l, a resident of Nir Oz and was kidnapped by Hamas in their attack on October 7th.

Lior Arazi R.I.P.

MDA volunteer, Master Sargent Lior Arazi, who was murdered by Hamas terrorists while defending his his land.

Rotem Doshi R.I.P.

Rotem was killed on October 7 while fighting terrorists in Kfar Gaza.

Aharon Haimov R.I.P.

Aharon Chaimov, Senior EMT – ambulance driver was murdered onOctober 7, while fulfilling his duty, going out to save lives.

Avia Hezroni R.I.P.

MDA EMT, Aviya Hezroni, 69 years old, who was murdered in his home Kibbutz Be'eri during Hamas's attack on October 7.
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