Swords Of Iron

140th day of fighting

Media & Videos Archive

Moti and Neta Shuv volunteers together

Paramedic and mother of 7, Orit Ohana, didnt hesitate for a moment when she was called on October 7.

IDF soldier injured in Gaza met the blood donor who donated the whole blood that saved his life

Former Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence visiting the National Operations Center of MDA

This year was challenging, but we can go up from here! Magen David Adom conclude 2023

MDA Paramedic, Danny Avivi, testimony from the 7th of October

Two police officers who recovered from their severe injuries visited the MDA helipad

David Holtser- an MDA EMT caught on the front line of the October 7th Hamas terror attacks

A soccer tournament in memory of Amit Mann z”l

7th of October Testimony from MDA Paramedic, Alisa krant

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