Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

Aharon Haimov R.I.P.

The story of Aharon Haimov R.I.P.

Aharon Chaimov, Senior EMT – ambulance driver was murdered onOctober 7, while fulfilling his duty, going out to save lives.

Magen David Adom deeply mourns the death of its Senior EMT – ambulance driver, Aharon Chaimov, of blessed memory, a 25-year-old resident of Ofakim, who was murdered this morning (Saturday) while fulfilling his duty, going out to save lives and treat the wounded from the combined attack that began this morning on the State of Israel. Aharon, a resident of Ofakim, was injured by terrorist gunfire while going out to treat the victims, and was killed. Aharon left behind two children, a wife, parents, siblings, and family members.

Aharon began his journey in MDA as a service-year volunteer. He later officially joined the organization as an Emergency Medical Technician and subsequently completed the Senior EMT and ambulance drivers’ course. During his 4 years in MDA, Aharon worked with great professionalism, showing exceptional empathy for patients and the wounded, serving as the community’s duty ambulance driver on weekends, and always responding first to any call. Even this morning (Saturday), in the midst of a combined attack on the State of Israel, Aharon went out to save lives and was murdered by the terrorists.

Dani Shtarkman, MDA Ofakim Station Manager, said: “Aharon was a dedicated man who gave his all to save human lives. Ambulance driver and senior EMT of the highest professionalism, he was expected to start the paramedics course in MDA soon. A very responsible and professional individual, always prioritizing the well-being of patients. Aharon was very beloved at the station, very professional, loved his job and giving. Aharon was killed while fulfilling his duty on his way to treat the injured. We will deeply miss him, may his memory be a blessing.”

The Director General of MDA, Eli Bin, eulogized Aharon Chaimov, of blessed memory: “In every complex security event, MDA volunteers and employees, each one of them, stand at the forefront to provide professional medical treatment to the wounded and the victims. But Aharon was salt of the earth in and of himself, an example and role model for MDA workers and volunteers. Aharon, a man for whom the welfare of others and the value of human life always came first, as was the case today – on this tragic morning. Aharon’s passing has left us deeply sorrowed and appreciating his path. MDA volunteers and employees bow their heads today and embrace the family – an integral part of the MDA family. May his memory be a blessing.”

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