Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

Amit Mann R.I.P.

The story of Amit Mann R.I.P.

Amit Man, a 22-year-old , a paramedic at MDA, was shot and killed when she was treating the wounded in Kibbutz Be’eri's clinic

Magen David Adom bows its head and mourns the death of the MDA paramedic, Amit Man, a 22-year-old resident of Kibbutz Be’eri, who was shot and killed on Saturday when she was treating the wounded who came to the clinic in the town of Be’eri where she lived during the Hamas surprise attack on the south of the country. Amit was trapped in the kibbutz clinic along with the wounded and dead for many hours when the terrorists tried to break into the clinic. Amit was buried in the cemetery in Netivot accompanied by family members and hundreds of her friends.

Amit began her career at MDA in 2015 as a youth volunteer, then went on to complete a course for instructors and trained additional volunteers. 4 years ago she was qualified as an EMT and later as a paramedic within the framework of the National Service and worked in intensive care mobility in MDA’s Negev region. About two months ago she began instructing the regional paramedic course in the Negev. During her entire time at MDA, Amit acted professionally, with a great sense of duty in her work. Amit dreamed of studying medicine and continuing to save lives.

Oshrit Haddad, a paramedic at MDA and Amit’s best friend: “Amit was always there for everyone, she is someone who is simply always there, you could always trust her. On Saturday, while terrorists were shooting at them, she continued to help patients and tried to save their lives. She fought for their lives until the last moments.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin on Amit Mann: “Amit was a heroic paramedic who continued to treat the wounded even while terrorists tried to break into the clinic in Kibbutz Be’eri. She sacrificed herself while trying to protect the lives of the patients – her priority was only what was best for them. Her untimely passing left us shocked and in pain. Magen David Adom cherishes all that Amit has done, and our employees and volunteers bow their heads and hug her family. May her memory be blessed.”

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