Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

In memory of the workers and volunteers who fell in the Swords of Iron War

Tuval Yaakov Tsanani R.I.P.

The story of Tuval Yaakov Tsanani R.I.P.

MDA volunteer Staff Sergeant Tuval Yaakov Tsanani, fell in Gaza while performing his duties in the armored corps, in Battalion 53

IDF fighter and MDA volunteer Sergeant Tuval Yaakov Tsanani z”l

“A special guy who always wanted to help”

Magen David Adom mourns the fall of the IDF soldier and MDA volunteer Staff Sergeant Tuval Yaakov Tsanani, who fell in battle in the Gaza Strip while performing his duties as a soldier in the armored corps, in Battalion 53. His funeral was held today (Tuesday), in the military cemetery in Kiryat Gat. He leaves parents, an older brother and a younger sister.
Tuval z”l joined MDA as a youth volunteer at the age of 15 in 2018 and since then has saved many lives in ambulances and MICUs and served as the MDA representative in the municipal youth council in Kiryat Gat. Tuval contributed to the community in additional volunteering frameworks and three years ago was awarded a National distinction from the Ort network for his contribution to the community in the field of social involvement.
Liel Evgi, MDA EMT and chair of the volunteer branch committee at the Kiryat Gat MDA station, paid tribute to him:
“I met Tuval z”l when I was his instructor in the first aid course, when he just arrived at the station as a teenager with a glint in his eyes and a desire to contribute to the community and save lives. Since then I have known a special person, who is the first to volunteer for any task and who always wants to help and assist. Even after enlisting, he would continue to do shifts on ambulances on the weekends when he was on vacation from the army. He really liked the social activities both here and throughout the city. May his memory be blessed”.
Haim Karadi, MDA Director of the Lachish region:
“Tuval loved social activities very much and only looked for every opportunity to help, assist and contribute to everyone who needed. The MDA family has lost a dear and beloved volunteer, whose absence is already felt throughout the region. We are deeply saddened by his death and hold his dear family close.”

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