Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

500 First Aid Kits donated to Magen David Adom

500 first aid kits and bandaging equipment have been donated to Magen David Adom teams across Israel by Cross River from New Jersey, and Chevra Hatzalah of New York

Cross River, the fintech pioneer from New Jersey, USA, and the New York-based ‘Chevra Hatzalah’ organization donated 500 advanced resuscitation kits that include medical equipment and life-saving dressing equipment to Magen David Adom teams. The kits donated in order to help the MDA teams in treating the wounded arrived in Israel and were distributed to the EMTs and paramedics who work around the clock to save lives.

“The people of Israel come together as one from all corners of the world in the face of horror and atrocities.” Says Gilles Gade, Founder and CEO of Cross River, the fintech pioneer headquartered in the USA, and a volunteer paramedic for Hatzalah in NY and Magen David Adom. “In partnership with Magen David Adom and Central Hatzalah of the US, we have been providing much needed medical supplies and equipment to all the volunteers and emergency personnel throughout the country. We will continue to do so for as long as this is needed. Our medical personnel show unparallel resolve, determination and conviction in their life saving mission. We are proud to be associated with such an amazing group of organizations and individuals.”

Yehiel Kalish CEO of Chevra Hatzalah: “We are honored to assist MDA, or any life-saving agency in Israel, in procuring necessary life-saving materials at this time of war. We know these materials will save lives in the right hands. Hashem should watch over and protect our people at this time and especially our soldiers and first responders who are heading towards the fire.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin: “We thank the founder and CEO of Cross River Gilles Gade, and Chevra Hatzalah CEO Yehiel Kalish for their help and assistance at this time, something that will help Magen David Adom teams to continue saving lives across the country. The resuscitation and bandaging equipment that arrived recently in Israel has already been handed out to MDA teams who are saving lives in complex sites on the front line, often while under fire and at risk to their lives. This is an important donation that strengthens us, and gives us the strength to continue saving lives.”

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