Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

October 7th – EMT treats his Grandson

A miraculous survival: an MDA EMT treated his grandson who was shot on Black Saturday, after he himself had been shot

MDA EMT and an ambulance driver, Refael Samet, was at his home in Kissufim when the events of Black Sabbat began. He says: “The evening before the start of the war, I was on standby and parked the ambulance near my house, at 06:30 in the morning on Saturday the Red Alert sirens started going off, I dressed quickly and was ready to leave in case there was a rocket strike in the community. It’s like this as usual – we wait for the rocket strikes to stop and go out to search for the wounded.”

“This time it was different, unusual. We started hearing grenades and IEDs falling and exploding,” recalled Refael. “My grandson, a soldier who was on Shabbat vacation at home, took his rifle and went to the shelter to protect himself from the rockets. After a few minutes he went outside and saw a number of soldiers standing there, he approached them to ask them if they needed help, but these were terrorists wearing IDF uniforms who shot at him, from this burst of shots he received a bullet in his left arm and thigh. Despite the injury, he managed to get to my house and shout to me that he was injured.”

“I put him in the shelter and ran out to the ambulance to get the bag with the medical equipment and on the way I was also hit by a bullet in the palm of my hand, I kept running home, quickly bandaged myself and continued to take care of my grandson. I sent a message to the MDA volunteer group and said that I needed to be evacuated. The thought occurred to me to see the condition of the ambulance in order to be able to escape the kibbutz with it. I looked and saw that the ambulance was completely destroyed. They shot all four wheels, the side and the windows. It was only at 11 at night that the IDF managed to eliminate the terrorists and evacuate us from the house, we were saved by a miracle” he repeats.


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