Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

Day 1 – Operation Iron Swords

Magen David Adom summary of first 24 hours of Operation Iron Swords

During the night, MDA teams provided medical treatment to 28 people who were injured in rocket attacks in southern parts of Israel. Among them: 2 in serious condition, 2 in moderate condition, 15 in minor condition and 9 anxiety victims.

Magen David Adom teams all over Israel are currently on high alert.

Magen David Adom ambulances and armored vehicles, are manned by 1,400 volunteers and workers who saves lives, sometimes under fire.

Magen David Adom blood donation operation will continue to hold today blood drives in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, in the Magen David Adom blood donation area located in Tel Hashomer hospital, and in various locations which continue to update on the Magen David Adom official website.

Since the start of this war, Magen David Adom teams provided treatment to hundreds of injured, among them many who were killed,, and others in serious, moderate and minor condition.

Magen David Adom helicopters made dozens of medical evacuations, and evacuated dozens of civilians and soldiers injured in the field and from hospital in the south to the following hospitals: Sheba, Belinson, Ichilov, Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh)

After primary care in Barzilai Hospital and Soroka Medical Center in the south, dozens of ambulances, mobile intensive care units (MICUs) and Magen David Adom evacuation vehicles transferred injured in all the states of severity to different hospitals spread all across Israel.

Magen David Adom blood services staff collected thousands of blood units from civilians who came in and donated blood with the intent to supply blood to all the hospitals who will use it to treat the wounded.

It is with great grief that Magen David Adom announced the loss of senior EMT, Aharon Haimov, may he rest in peace, who was murdered yesterday in his hometown, Ofakim, from terrorists gun shots, while he was driving an ambulance on his way to save lives.

4 MDA crew members were injured by gunfire, and there are still a few whom connection with them was lost.

MDA calls the public to adhere to the life saving instructions given by the Home Front Command, and in any medical need, dial Magen David Adom’s 101 dispatch center.

Israel is under a routhless attack.

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