Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

Doctor and Son MDA Team on Kibbutz Zikim

An MDA volunteer doctor and his son who is an MDA EMT, residents of Kibbutz Zikim, saved lives and did not leave the kibbutz for a week and a half.

On the morning of Black Saturday (7.10), as soon as the Red Alert sirens sounded, Dr. Gal Grisaru and his son Eyal, MDA volunteers who live in Kibbutz Zikim, entered the protected area together with their family members. Dr. Grisaru received a call from members of the security response team who informed him that there were wounded and that they needed medical assistance.

“Under rocket fire, I ran to the car, took the MDA medical kit bag that I have in my possession and since I realized that there were also reports of terrorists infiltrating the settlements, I took a gun with me. I joined the 2 wounded and for hours I gave them life-saving medical treatment in order to stabilize them until it was possible to evacuate them in an MDA ambulance stationed in the community. We protected the casualties in bulletproof vests, put them in the ambulance and they were taken to Barzilai Hospital while undergoing medical treatment accompanied by a member of the security response team who protected them during the evacuation.”

Dr. Grisaru and his son Eyal, who is also an MDA volunteer, stayed at Kibbutz Zikim for about a week and a half, manned the ambulance and provided medical treatment to the wounded, until the family was evacuated to Jerusalem.

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