Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

IDF Commander visits MDA

Major General Rafi Milo, commander of the Home Front Command, visited the Magen David Adom National Dispatch Center (Monday) and met MDA Director General Eli Bin and senior officials of the organization. The commander of the Home Front Command heard about the activities of the organization starting from the first hours of the ‘Iron Swords’ war, about the activities of the teams in the field, some of them under fire while risking their lives, about the high level of alert maintained by the organization and the preparations for the future. Major General Milo saw the MDA ambulance from Kibbutz Kissufim that was hit by the terrorists’ gunfire in the first moments of the infiltration of the kibbutz in order to disable it and prevent the MDA EMTs and paramedics from providing medical aid to the casualties and evacuating them to the hospitals, and also conducted a tour of the 101 Emergency Dispatch Center. In addition, the General heard tales of heroism about MDA staff who sacrificed their lives while providing medical aid.

The Major General also heard about the MDA blood services that have collected over 50,000 units of blood since the outbreak of the war in order to treat the wounded and that are issued, among others, to the IDF medical forces, as well as hearing about the unique tools, including ambulances and bullet-proof MICUs that allow Magen David Adom teams to rescue casualties while reducing the risk of their lives.

Major General Rafi Milo, commander of the Home Front Command: “Since the outbreak of war, the soldiers of the Home Front Command have been working alongside the other emergency services, including Magen David Adom. We have trained and prepared for emergency situations in the past, and the cooperation has proven itself in real time. Our aim is a joint one – saving lives. I thank the MDA staff and volunteers for their professionalism and dedication.”

Eli Bin, Director General of MDA: “Magen David Adom, since its establishment, works closely with the security forces, led by the IDF. The cooperation between the MDA and the Home Front Command in routine times and especially in times of emergency and war is close and makes it possible to save lives in the State of Israel. I thank Major General Milo for giving up his time and coming to visit the Magen David Adom.

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