Swords Of Iron

290th day of fighting

Magen David Adom Ambulances Destroyed in Terror Attacks

On the first day of the Iron Swords war, with the terrorist attacks of Hamas on the communities of the Western Negev, the terrorists also fired at the sides, wheels, and windshields of the Magen David Adom ambulance in Kissufim.

The terrorists targeted the ambulance to disable it and prevent the medics and paramedics of MDA from providing medical assistance to the injured and evacuating them to hospitals.

Since the beginning of the “Iron Swords” war, three MDA workers and volunteers have been murdered – Aharon Chaimov, of blessed memory, who was killed when he was shot while driving an MDA ambulance on his way to treat the injured; Amit Man, of blessed memory, who was murdered by terrorists while treating the injured in Be’eri; and Aviya Hatzroni, of blessed memory, who was killed when he was shot by terrorists in Be’eri. In addition, four MDA workers and volunteers were injured.

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