Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

MDA EMT, Gilad Honwald fought terrorists while evacuating the wounded from Kibbutz Alumim

MDA EMT, Gilad Honwald Shares his story about the 7th of October:

At around 06:30 on the Black Saturday, Red Alert sirens were heard in Kibbutz Alumim where Gilad Honwald, an EMT at the MDA, lives. He left his house with his son to search for wounded people, until they started hearing gunshots from the direction of Nahal Oz, and receiving messages that there were terrorists in the kibbutz and reports that two foreign workers were murdered and three others were wounded. Without hesitating, Gilad, along with other members of the security response team went towards the terrorists in order to protect the kibbutz, a battle that lasted over 4 hours.

Later, Gilad returned to the wounded and encountered 4 more Hamas terrorists who charged in his direction, when he managed to escape from them, Gilad received a report about members of the security response team who were injured and needed medical attention. With great resourcefulness and courage, Gilad picked up a weapon and under fire began to evacuate the wounded, while fighting the terrorists

“I evacuated ten people, it was clear to everyone that we were fighting for our home, anyone else would have done the same.” Gilad concluded

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