Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

MDA’s Wish Ambulance made a wish come true for a soldier who was seriously injured in Gaza

MDA's Wish Ambulance made a wish come true for a soldier who was seriously injured in Gaza.
Shlomo, an MDA volunteer EMT in the past, was exempt from reserves duty. Despite this, after the events of October 7th, he decided to enlist in the reserves anyway. About three weeks ago during an operational activity in the Gaza Strip, he was seriously injured and with great resourcefulness kept his cool, using his experience and training as a military medic and MDA volunteer and was able to guide the fighters around him on how to treat him and how to dress his wounds.
Shlomo was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital and began his rehabilitation process. When he heard that on Tuesday of last week, his reserve battalion was holding a regimental night, he and his fellow members of the unit decided not to give up and asked MDA’s Wish Ambulance to take him there. The Wish Ambulance is a Magen David Adom initiative, aiming to fulfil the wishes of people with serious illnesses and who have lost mobility. The Wish Ambulance team got involved in making Shlomo’s wish come true, got special permission from the hospital to take him out and took him to the regimental evening, so that he could celebrate with his fellow reservists.
Shai Shefak, a paramedic and a team member in the MDA Wish Ambulance: “We were very excited to accompany Shlomo to meet his friends from the front line and the team that evacuated and treated him in the field, who were especially excited to see him dancing and so happy. He is a hero who looked after us and this is the least we could do for him. Shlomo had a smile on his face the whole evening, as did we, and we are always happy to make wishes come true for anyone who needs it, and we will continue to do it as much as possible.”
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