Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

Naama meets the MDA team that saved her life

After her life was saved, Naama Gal who was injured in the nature party in Reim met the MDA team who treated her and evacuated her to the hospital

Naama Gal was injured by terrorists shooting at the party in Reim on the tragic Saturday (7.10), hid in a garbage container for 3 hours until she was shot 4 times and in the end was rescued and brought to MDA teams, and treated by Noam Vaisbuch, MDA paramedic and Noa Shimoni MDA EMT from Bat, who then evacuated her to the hospital where her situation was described as serious. After she recuperated and was discharged from the hospital, Naama met the MDA team who arrived to her house in Haifa.

Noa Shimoni, MDA EMT and MICU driver recalled: “We met Naama on October 7th at the entrance to Sderot during the first hours of the “Iron Swords” War. She suffered from many gunshot wounds to her body and her situation was defined critical and unstable. She said only a few sentences to us and then lost consciousness. At those moments we didn’t know what a journey Naama had passed until she arrived to our location. During the horrendous massacre Naama and her friends hid inside a garbage container, some of them were murdered and some of them were injured and bleeding. During her evacuation to the hospital we did everything possible in order to save Naama’s life. I didn’t take my foot off the gas pedal otherwise we would have lost her on the way.

“Naama’s injury was very severe” tells Noam Vaisbuch, MDA paramedic “I looked at her knowing that I will do everything in order to save her life. We reported to MDA dispatch so the hospital will be informed of her severe injuries and the doctors will be prepared for her, and we evacuated her while applying complicated medication treatment to stabilize her situation.”

“After the evacuation we returned to the field and continued attending to other victims, we saw sights that we will never forget and all of this while the lives of all the medical teams were in extreme risk,” Noam and Noa recall “But still, Naama was the one who caught our hearts and thoughts, and for a week we asked ourselves what’s happening with her and if she survived the awful carnage. We ran into her story, by mistake, where she wrote she’s looking for whomever attended to her and contacted her immediately. Naama’s story became our point of light in all of this darkness. We were so moved to hear that not only is she standing on her own two feet but also recuperated and returned home. It is a real medical miracle.”

A few days after Naama was released to her home in Haifa, Noam and Noa visited her house in Haifa for an emotional reunion and said: “We finally meet, for a change not in the surrounding of a war full of blood, sand and smoke, we had the privelage to be there and attend to her.”

Naama Gal, who was so excited to meet the MDA team said: “You are my angels, even a thousand words won’t define how grateful I am to you, I’m alive thanks to you. Thank you and I am grateful for you.”

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