Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

October 7th heroes exposed: Michael Levi, Netanya MDA station

Michael Levi, EMT and ambulance driver from Netanya MDA station

I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of a siren, and immediately started going over the reports, realizing something abnormal is going on. I texted the head of volunteers of my station, offering to help, and just a couple of minutes later, my team and I were on an ambulance on our way to the south. There was not a single moment of hesitation. I had to do it, despite the clear danger awaiting.

Multiple sirens were sounded as we got closer. There were smoke stacks all around us, and horrific reports just kept coming in… those were the moments when I realized I might not be getting back home. I buried the thought and kept on going.

We reached MDA’s Ofakim station and begun setting up a mass-casualty evacuation station, all while sirens are sounding. The casualties kept on coming, and soon the severity of the attack dawned on me.

I attended multiple casualties, yet one is deeply embedded in my memory: A member of the security forces with severe gunshot wounds was brought to us. We quickly moved him into the ambulance and while evacuating to hospital we performed lifesaving treatments including stopping his excessive bleeding, which was severe.

He grabbed my hand tightly and looked at me while tears welled up in his eyes: “I have a family, please save me, don’t leave me.”
I promised him that I’m with him all the way and will do everything in my power to treat him and stabilize his condition.

I treated soldiers, young soldiers, who gave their all to protect us and paid a heavy price. The incident and sights will be forever imprinted in my memory, yet I’m fully prepared for the difficult mission up ahead, and am fully planning on staying and being there for my friends in MDA, for the citizens and the soldiers. Because that’s what I must do.”


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