Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

Saving Lives Under Fire

Magen David Adom Paramedic preformed an emergency lifesaving operation on a critically injured patient during an ambulance evacuation and managed to stabilize his condition

Magen David Adom Paramedic Alisa Krant, was on her Mobile ICU shift in Ashkelon yesterday when a police officer arrived in critical unstable condition to the MDA evacuation point, where the wounded received first aid. While evacuating the patient in the MICU, Alisa preformed an emergency operation on the victim, after which his condition improved significantly, and he was stabilized. The officer arrived at the hospital in critical but stable condition where he immediately went into a trauma room.

Alisa Krant, Magen David Adom Paramedic: “It is a spur of the moment decision, which is not always an easy one to make during an urgent evacuation. In that moment, when the patient’s condition stabilized, the team and I were immensely relived. The fact that the patient was intermittently conscious during the treatment allowed us to also offer him emotional support in addition to medical care. I never let go of his hand the whole time, so he wouldn’t feel alone even for one second.”

Israel is under a routhless attack.

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