Swords Of Iron

258th day of fighting

The heroes of the 7th of October are revealed – Ofir Tor

Ofir Tor, a volunteer EMT in the Sderot MDA station:

At 6:30 I woke up at my home in Kokhav Michael to the sounds of sirens and missile strikes. A quarter of an hour later I was at the dressed and prepared, on my way to a shift in the MDA station in Sderot. At 06:57 I had an encounter with the terrorists on Menachem Begin street, on the traffic circle that’s near the new “Rami Levi” supermarket. I went online with the dispatch center and reported: “Gunfire by terrorists who are approaching me on foot to a range of 15 to 20 meters and are shooting at the vehicle.”

I ran away, retreating on foot. The terrorists began to pursue me eastward, all the while continuing the gunfire. I zigzagged through the buildings still able to hear the shots being fired. Only later I understood why…

At 7:05, I went up Harav Maymon street, searching for a phone in order to report the authorities and call for backup. On my way I encountered an EMT from a different organization, I quickly updated him of what I knew and requested him to call the police. He seemed lost and wasn’t able to understand what I wanted. At that moment I realized I must return to my car, get my phone and report to MDA.

At 7:10, I went back down to the place in which I had my encounter with the terrorists. I stealthily got to my car and was horrified of what appeared in front of me… Right there on the road, lay a car which had been hit by the terrorists’ weapon, an RPG, full of bullet holes. Both passengers lying in it, dead.

I carefully reached my car and couldn’t find my phone. Right away I figured it must’ve been taken by the terrorists. The car standing in front of me was completely perforated from the gun fire, the right door wide open. All of its passengers were murdered.

I marched on through the bus station in front of the local library and saw dozens of bodies scattered all around…

I got out of the vehicle, and sneaked on foot to the MDA station. Immediately as I entered I began treating the many casualties who arrived at the station, and the murdered, until the city was back under Israeli control a day later, at noon.”

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